Melody Live

Hi, I'm Ava. I love being part of Melody Live. When we get together it's the happiest part of my day.

My favorite color is pink and my favorite foods are noodles and creme brulee (but not together of course!). I love getting together with my friends every day after school in my garage. We sing, we dance, and it sounds so cool.

I started Melody Live just for fun. But now it's so much more than that. Friendship, music, fun -- it's who we are. I hope to see you at one of our shows sometime soon!

Love always and forever,



Hey! I'm Charlie. I was born to sing and dance. That's what makes Melody Live so much fun -- I get to sing cool songs and hang out with my friends, every day! Learning new songs is my favorite. After just one listen I can remember all the words and sing them back to my friends. They love when I do that.

My favorite color is bright orange and my favorite food is pizza. You can put anything you want on a pizza and it still tastes good! That's kind of like us. We can have fun with anything.

See you soon,



Yo, yo, yo, it's Katie! Whassup, Melody Live fans? I hope you enjoyed our last show. The gang and I love putting on shows. Whether it's in Ava's garage or under the magic streetlamp, I get a tingle every time.

I love goofing around, even if it makes me look silly sometimes. Making people laugh is what I do. My favorite color is green and I'm a sucker for riddles. Go ahead, ask me anything!

Be sure to catch our next show. Maybe Bongo will have a new trick up his sleeve!

Talk to ya later,



Mia here! Just checked my calendar and it's been exactly two weeks, four days, and three hours since I've moved to Melody Drive. I felt shy at first but everyone was really warm and friendly. The girls even invited me to join their show! Me, performing on stage? Crazy, right?

My favorite colour is blue and my favorite food is birthday cake. I wish it was my birthday every single day!

I love my new friends. Our first show was so much fun! I'm so happy to be here.

Actually I'll be right back, I gotta go practice!



I'm Nicki and Melody Live is my life! My GF's are my BFF's and no matter what happens WAHEO (we always help each other).

My favorite season is summer and I love all things purple! Especially flowers. I try my best in everything I do, because, well...I want to be the best! I will do anything and everything to make our music the greatest.

We're all about girl power and friendship. We're confident, cool, and we're going places! Come check out one of our shows. You will love it!

Love ya lots,



Woof. Aaaooooooooooooooo.

Nuff said.

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